“I like Sonny”, “I like Billy”

September 12th, 2009  |  Published in New Acquisitions, Site Updates

I have a vague memory of being in the Super Giant grocery store in McLean, Virginia and seeing Billy Kilmer and Sonny Jurgensen bumper stickers for sale.  During the early 1970’s the town was divided and people could put a bumper sticker on their car that identified who they wanted to be the Redskins quarterback.

Occassionally you find references in the media to these bumper stickers.  I was thrilled to see these mint bumper stickers show up on eBay.  I managed to win one of each. I have posted these bumper stickers as a Special Exhibit in the Redskins Card Museum.

I can’t imagine a better way to kick off the 2009 season than having these bumper stickers are part of my collection.  The memories they bring back are amazing.

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