Incredible Opportunity for Redskins Collectors plus HUGE site news

June 12th, 2013  |  Published in Collecting

It is a great day to be a collector.   As I have been building my “in real life” business doing nonprofit consulting, I have not had much time to update this site.   Well, that is about to change and change in a BIG way.   Earlier this week, I began posting images of Redskins team sets from 1973-2013.   I expect to have them all up by the end of the month.  I am doing a few each day so check the Modern Card section of the web site and you will see the new sets as they are posted.   In fact 1973-1976 are already up.   I have scanned all of the cards so it is now largely a mechanical exercise.   When I am done, there will be a complete run of standard sets from 1935-2013!

I will also be updating the Heisman Trophy winners section, the QB section and a few other sections.  Wait until you see the RG3 card I chose for my Starting Quarterbacks section.

On Monday, I updated the 1972 Redskins Newspaper Poster set.  That is right, I was finally able to complete that set and it is now online for anyone to enjoy.

In even more exciting news, I was contacted by Hank Reed who is the owner of Queen City Sports cards (   Hank can also be found on Twitter (@queencitycards).   Redskins collectors, Hank has hit the mother load.   He just acquired the entire collection of a long-time Redskins collector.   The collection is based on Howard Churchill’s checklist.   In case you don’t know, Howard Churchill is one of the original Hogettes and based on a few conversations with him over a decade ago probably has the most complete and diverse Redskins collection out there.   Since the collection Hank bought was based on Howard’s checklist, you can be sure there is an amazing variety of team sets and oddball items that are hard to find.    Hank shared with me that he has boxes of material from 1935-1980 and is going to be putting some (perhaps all) of it up for auction over the summer.    Be sure to check Hank’s site out and keep up to date on what is happening.  I wish I had a day to spend in Hanks’ shop in Ohio just looking through everything.

As always, thank you for visiting my site.   I hope you enjoy the updates.


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