Are you ready for the 2011 season?

September 11th, 2011  |  Published in Collecting  |  Comments Off on Are you ready for the 2011 season?

In just a few hours, the 2011 season will begin.   I think the team is going to be exciting to watch this year.  I am not sure how good our record is going to be.    We seem to have acquired a lot of young and fast players with a very high work rate.  It will be fun to watch them improve.

I have made a number of updates to the site for this season including:

  1. Congratulations to Chris Hanburger for making the Hall-of-Fame.   I have updated the Hall of Fame sections.
  2. The 2011 Topps team set is up.
  3. I was able to upgrade a number of vintage cards and add a few cards I was missing.

I have a number of exciting enhancements coming.

  1. I scanned every Topps Redskins card from 1973-2008 and I will be adding those team sets soon.  So, the site will have a complete run of team sets from 1935-2011 — that is 76 years in case you are counting.
  2. I was finally able to track down the last two Redskins Newspaper Posters from 1972-73 (Brown and Duncan).  My set is now complete and I will be adding the two missing pieces soon.