Huge Additions To The Site Are Finished!!

March 19th, 2016  |  Published in Collecting

That was a lot of work!  Admittedly there were times when I never thought I would finish this update to the site.   The number of images has doubled from approximately 1500 images to over 3000 images.   It is so exciting that over 90% of my collection is available online, and I do not have to sort through binders or go to the safety deposit box at the bank to enjoy my collection.

I hope you enjoy all of the incredible Redskins material I added to the site.   The major updates are:

  1. Modern Team Sets. Originally, this was conceived as a vintage card site only.  I do not spend much time on material that is post-1972.   However, I do have a complete run of Topps team sets from 1973-2015.   The front and backs of all the modern cards have been scanned and added to the site.   Now the site has team sets from 1935-2015 – a span of 80 years.
  2. In 2012, the Redskins added ten players to the Top 70 Redskins of All-Time list. So, now we have a Top 80 Redskins of All Time exhibit showcasing the rookie cards of everyone on the list.
  3. The 80 Years of Redskins Quarterbacks exhibit is now up-to-date. Hopefully, the Redskins will find their franchise quarterback soon; it has been nearly 30 years.
  4. Please enjoy a new exhibit:  Redskins in the Hall of Fame.   This features rookie and autograph cards of all of the Redskins enshrined in the Hall-of-Fame.
  5. Another new exhibit is online: Redskins Coaches.   There are cards out there for almost every coach in Redskins history.   Enjoy!
  6. The Before They Were Redskins exhibit is This was not too hard because the Redskins have slowed down considerably in free agency.
  7. I updated the Sonny Jurgensen PSA Master Set with a lot of upgraded cards.

This is a massive update to the site.   It will be fairly easy to update the site going forward.   The next update will probably be about 100 autograph and uniform cards.  I am also sending five cards to PSA for grading.

Please let me know what you think of the updated site.