1998 Ron Mix Signature Series Redskins

In 1998 Ron Mix released a series of signed cards.  All living Hall-of-Famers except one signed these cards.  I believe the one living Hall-of-Famer that did not sign was John Riggins.  Fortunately, John Riggins loosened up in later years and there is a lot of signed Riggins stuff out there now.  

I believe these cards were sold to benefit retired football players.  Below are all the Redskins football cards in the set.  I have included Paul Krause even though the Hall-of-Fame does not list him as a Redskins HOF’er.

This is a well designed set and you can tell that a lot of thought and care were put into it.

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Sammy Baugh Sammy Baugh Bill Dudley Bill Dudley Joe Gibbs Joe Gibbs Ken Houston Ken Houston Sam Huff Sam Huff Sonny Jurgensen Sonny Jurgensen Paul Krause Paul Krause Bobby Mitchell Bobby Mitchell Charley Taylor Charley Taylor