Redskins Autographed Cards

I love autographed insert Redskins football cards.  When I buy these cards, I know I am getting a legitimate autograph.  As a result, I will not buy any autograph cards that aren’t insert cards in the major sets unless they have been PSA/DNA certified.  I have a lot of Redskins autographed cards.  

I also have a lot of draft pick cards.  In fact, one of my favorite exercises each year is picking up the Sage autographed cards of recent draft picks.  Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to get good scans of some of the more reflective cards, which includes all the Sage cards.  So, look for a separate exhibit on the Sage cards.

However, please enjoy the fairly broad selection of Redskin autograph cards that are presented below.  There is an 8 x 10 Leaf Autographed Card of Darrell Green.  I think a Darrell Green autographed card is a pretty tough find.

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Sammy Baugh Autograph Billy Kilmer Autograph Joe Theismann Autograph Darrell Green Autograph Ken Houston Autograph Sam Huff Autograph Billy Kilmer Autograph Paul Krause Autograph Bobby Mitchell Autograph Mark Moseley Autograph Charley Taylor Autograph Joe Theismann Autograph Doug Williams Autograph Brad Johnson Autograph Terry Metcalf Autograph John Riggins Autograph Russ Grimm Autograph Coy Bacon Autograph Diron Talber Autograph Gerald Riggs Autograph Joe Jacoby Autograph Roy Jefferson Autograph Billy Kilmer Autograph Len Hauss Autograph Mark Brunell Autograph Ernest Byner Autograph Jim Lachey Autograph Stephen Davis Autograph Ralph Guglielmi Autograph Sonny Jurgensen Autograph Don Warren Autograph Jay Schoeder Autograph Monte Coleman Autograph Eddie LeBaron Autograph Gary Clark Autograph Ron McDole Autograph Art Monk Autograph Chris Hanburger Autograph