1972 Sunoco Stamp Redskins Team Set

This set was one of the reasons I got back into card collecting.  I remember getting these stamps from our local Sunoco when we got gas.  You could get however many packs you could talk the attendant (yes, gas was pumped for you back then) into giving you.  I also remember being disappointed when they did not do a stamp set in 1973.  One day several years ago, I was flipping through a Sports Collectors Digest and I saw an add for some unopened packs.  I could not believe that these still existed.  The packs were being sold by Mike Mosier of Collumbia City Collectibles.  He sent me a few packs and I was hooked.  I bought more on E-bay and eventually put together the 624 stamp base set.  It is the only complete set that I have (as long as you are not counting Gatorade lids).

The base set was available in packs given away at Sunoco stations.  There were two albums you could choose from,  a basic album or a deluxe album.  Later in the year, they released a team sheet that contained most of the stamps from the base set for that team plus some update stamps.  There are 82 update stamps making the size of the total set 706 stamps.

This is by far the biggest set of early 70’s and one of the best looking.  Sunoco was allowed to use game action photos and they were not forced to airbrush the logos off the helmets.

Below you will find the complete Redskin team set of stamps.  The update stamps are Hermeling and Laaveg.  FYI, Snowden and Schoenke were the players left off of the team sheet.  Below the set of single stamps is the Redskins team sheet.  Finally, below the team sheet is a picture of the deluxe album.

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