1967 Williams Portrait Redskins

In 1967 you could send in $1 along with a Velveeta proof-of-purchase or a proof-of-purchase from some other Kraft cheese product and you would receive eight of these charcoal drawings.  The entire set is 512 portraits.  There are 32 Redskins in the set.  For once, I am told that the Redskins are some of the easiest portraits to find.  I do not have much interest in this set, because frankly it is as exciting as well, Velveeta.  However, I picked up a few on eBay because I wanted the Jurgensen portrait. If given the chance to complete the set I would.  But, there are much more interesting oddball issues out there like the ones from High’s Diary or the Redskins Newspaper Inserts, or well, just about anything.

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